A Bit of Market Analysis: What Price Human Body? [Quote – 781]

Dec 30, 2016

Muslims do so much for Allah. That is what many of them think. And they may be right. At least in some big, broad sense.

They pray; they fast; they go to Hajj; and some of them even give Zakat. Many of them call it Charity

And Muslims are not wrong when they call Zakat, Charity. For, the Qur’an does the same. There are places, I think, where the Qur’an calls Zakat, Sadaqah. May Allah forgive me if I am mistaken.

So, the Muslims have so much going for them. And, from that point of view, Muslims have so much coming to them.

But the thought that persists in my mind is this: 

How does all this stack up against the market price of a single self-growing nail on one of our little fingers?

Or a patch of skin anywhere in our body? Not plastic and wire slapped on by a surgeon. 

But the real kind that God created us with that will make our brain hear an ant crawl and our body convulse in instantaneous reaction?

And another thought:

What do you think is the going rate for a day’s — no, call it an hour’s; no, actually make it five minutes’ worth — rental of your body?

Does God seem to come out ahead? What can I say?

So, why the arrogance? What God himself calls Istikbaar!


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