A Book Called Quote-Unquote, Vol. 1 [Quote - 948]

Aug 12, 2019

A Book Review of Sorts by the Author

I did sit down this morning and read this book through: A Book Called Quote-Unquote, Vol. 1

And my sentiments were: May Allah give all those people associated with the publication of this volume the most wonderful blessings of This World (Dunya) as well the most wonderful blessings of the Next World (Aakhirah).

I mean all those amazing people who financed the project. All those who typed and scanned and proofread and printed the material. And all those who put the original quotes on www.IslamicSolutions.com. And so on.

What impressed me most was that almost the entire publication was typo-free. And that to me, where Muslim publications are concerned, one of the greatest and most significant achievements.

As for the quotes, they seemed to make general intuitive and scientific sense. And I felt fairly satisfied with the style and quality of writing and the language.

This was important. For, this and all other publications associated with www.IslamicSolutions.Com originated with a conscious and determined effort to produce authentic Islamic Literature using language and style that would pass linguistic and professional muster.

Readability from a professional point of view being one of the key requirements of all our publications, this one appeared to have met that requirement to a high degree. 

As for the content having anything to do with Islam, Muslims and the World, well, our goal has always been to operate within the boundaries of the Qur'an and the Hadith, the two sources that encompass every form of knowledge and human experience and expression in the world.

I wish everyone everywhere, professionals as well as the so-called lay people, both Muslims and non-Muslims, would somehow read this book. 

And, maybe, reflect on its content. Some people would say there is some food for thought in some of those quotes.


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