A Call to All! This Blessed Month of Ramadan, Try the Qur’an!

Jul 11, 2013

A Call to All! This Blessed Month of Ramadan, Try the Qur’an!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)

This most blessed month of Ramadan, 1434, I call on the world – on all the People of the World – to come to the Qur’an.

And when I say “The People of the World,” I mean all my most beloved and respected brothers and sisters all over the world.

Muslim and non-Muslim; male and female; child and adult; black and white and all others.

And when I say “Come to the Qur’an,” I mean the following things:

Read the Qur’an as much and as best as you can.

But if you have never read the Qur’an before, do it now. Find a copy of the Qur’an and read it. In this most blessed Month of Ramadan.

That is because the Month of Ramadan is the Month of the Qur’an.

That is because the Qur’an itself says so.

Shahru Ramadaan Alladhee Unzila Feehil Qur’an.

That is right, that is how the Qur’an puts it.

Qur’an, of course, is in Arabic. Everything else is a translation in some other language.

That is why the best thing for anyone and – everyone – is to read the Qur’an in its original Arabic text.

But if you cannot read the Qur’an in original Arabic, then get hold of a translation of the Qur’an in some other language – any language – and read it.

But do try and read the Qur’an with a pure and clean heart – and with as much sincerity and humility as you can find within yourself.

But do not hesitate to read it with a skeptical eye, if that is what you wish to do. For, the Qur’an itself gives you the right to do that: to be skeptical about the Qur’an, should you so choose.

And it allows you to question the veracity and authenticity of the Qur’an, if you are serious about it, as you go along.

And then fast and pray. For, the Month of Ramadan is also the month of fasting and prayer – prayer in the sense of worship as well as supplication.

That means this is the month in which everyone everywhere should pour out their hearts – and their pains and sorrows – before their Maker and Master, God Almighty: Rabbul ‘Aalameen.

 Rabbis Samaawaati wa Rabbil Ardwi Rabbil ‘Aalameen!

The best way – and the most perfect and authentic way – to pray is to do Swalaah or Namaaz the way the Muslims do it five times a day in their local community mosques or Masjids.

But if, for whatever reason, you do not want to or cannot do it, then do it any way you like. For, your Master, God Almighty, listens and responds to you when you call him.

And he says in the Qur’an that he is close enough to do that.

Fa Innee Qwareeb.

Ujeebu Da’watad Daa’i Idhaa Da’anee.

And call him in whatever language you know and however you wish, making sure you use the most beautiful names and language to do that. For, he says in the Qur’an all beautiful names belong to him.

Falahul Asmaa-ul Husnaa!

In the same way, the most perfect and authentic way to fast is to observe the fast the way the Muslims do during this month of Ramadan: stay away from all food, drink and sex from about two hours before sunrise till sunset.

But if you cannot or will not do it that way – whatever your reasons for not doing it – then do it anyway you wish.

But, as much as you can, do it for God. And for no one and nothing else.

And do it in search of perfection that comes from supreme love and fear of God – what the Qur’an calls Taqwaa – and not merely in the pursuit of transient worldly benefits such as weight loss or better health.

Because the latter is for you while the former is for God.

And at the same time try and embrace the broader range of the concept of Sawum – fasting: abstinence.

Abstinence here would mean deliberately and consciously staying away from all bad and harmful things – to you as well as to all other creation of God: all humans and non-humans.

It is, some may say, the “negative” aspect of doing worship: Do No Harm.

Hurt no one, not yourself, not anyone else.              

So, I call on all my Muslim and non-Muslim brothers and sisters in every part of the world, in this most blessed month of Ramadan 1434:

To Read the Qur’an – as best as they can.

To fast – as best as they can.

To pray – as best as they can.

To give in charity – as best as they can.

May God Almighty accept our reading, our fasting, our prayers and our giving!


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