A Concept Called "Feedback"

Jun 4, 2018


A Concept Called "Feedback"

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

Allah has blessed us with the most wonderful people who do the most wonderful work. Some of what they do is distribute our literature to mosques. It is part of their commitment to Take the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It -- And Which One Does Not?

And these are not just Good People, Allah bless them, they are also very smart people, in most cases highly educated. And some of them educators themselves.

So, it comes to me as a surprise -- always, as my capacity for surprises is evidently limitless -- when not one of them ever steps up and talks about the results. 

OK, you gave away a number of books. Great. But what happened after that?

Things like who or how many people read the literature they gave away. How many, if anyone, ever discussed anything, or raised a question, or made a comment about what they read.

In the White Man's World, where much of our education, and a great deal of our social and intellectual "Pavloving," comes from, this is called "Feedback." So, mention Feedback to them, and they will jump and say: "Feedback? Sure. I will ask them next time what they thought of our literature."

And that is typical of the legacy of Dr. Ivan Pavlov of the Conditioned Reflex -- among many other things.

And it is also naive and simplistic mental genuflecting to White Corporate America: To equate "Feedback" with "What You Think of Our Literature?"

Because, first of all, White Corporate America is king of Feedback and Social Measurement. They know exactly what they want and they also know how to get it: information that tells them everything about you. Period.

And their investigative tools extend the gamut from simple questionnaires to physiological instrumentation and neurological mapping. Fifty pairs of eyes -- just a random number I picked -- observe and read your every eye movement on Facebook every microsecond.

They know where you are; what you are doing; what you want; and what you are up to.

And to White Corporate America, this translates to two things: 

(1) Money -- mostly in the short run. 

(2) Power -- usually in the long run.

Both of these are needed to run and dominate and control the world. And Information -- including Feedback in the widest sense of that expression -- is at the bottom of it all.

And Information -- and Knowledge, you figure out the difference -- is primarily an Islamic thing. Qur'an came to fill that gap in the life of humanity. The Information or Knowledge Gap.

You wouldn't know that looking at today's Muslims. But read the following Aayat Karimah and you would know:

Hal Yastawil-Ladheena Ya'lamoona
Wal-Ladheena Laa Ya'lamoon.


"Those who know and those who don't know, 
how can these two be on the same level?

Of course, Muslims have been fed a placebo by Shaitan to believe that the expression "Those Who Know" refers to the little boys among them who run around in their tribal wear and call themselves with the false titles of Imam and such.

Replicating and perpetuating a devilish priestly hierarchy in Islam, much like Hinduism and Christianity and Judaism, even though Islam and the Qur'an came to rid humanity of the scourge of professional priesthood and to set human beings free from the mental and spiritual tyranny of professional priests.

Even though these fellows may know a little bit of Qur'an and a little bit or this and that part of what may pass for Islamic Lore, they are not at the top of any sane man's list of "Those Who Know." 

Many of them are just adventurers out to make a buck as they say. Carving out a career and a livelihood for themselves using the name of Islam and maligning the most honored title of Imam.

But there are others who will readily qualify as candidates for inclusion in the lofty title of "Those Who Know." One name that comes to mind will be Einstein -- a Jew by birth but quite likely an Atheist or at least an Agnostic or most likely a Deist (a fellow who believes in God). 

Evidently, Einstein was among "Those Who Knew." Even though he may not have known much about or believed in the Qur'an and the Hadith.

Another name that you cannot ignore is perhaps that of Jefferson -- as in Thomas. People generally read individual books, Jefferson evidently read entire libraries. Again, a Christian through his parentage and background but a Deist (a fellow who believes in God) and very much a non-Christian by profession.

Our people -- those who think they are Working for Allah and undertake enormous efforts to give out our literature to people -- must know that Muslims by and large do not read. 

Reading simply is not a Muslim pursuit of choice. It is not a Muslim game. Empty, meaningless, wasteful, mostly Haram-kind of gossip is.

So, the first reason for not worrying about "What you think about our books?" is what I said earlier. That it is little more than blind and way out-of-date imitation of White Corporate America.

The other reason is because we, frankly, are not interested in knowing what "They Think" about our literature. We know what our literature is all about: It Is about the Qur'an.

So, our concern with "Feedback" with regard to our literature is not "What They Think," but IF they even read any of it? 

And if they DID read, then how much?

And then just what did they decide to do after reading our literature? Because our literature is about two things. 

First, our work is about clarifying concepts about Islam, Muslims and the World.

Next, our work is a Call to Action. It calls upon humanity in general, and Muslims in particular, to come to God and to Work for Him.

Beginning with Taking the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It.

So, that is the Feedback we are really interested in and the Feedback that we really want -- and maybe even need.

And that kind of stuff comes down to Word-of-Mouth Invitation or Da'wah; and Recruitment; and Training and Education.

And Mobilization to do Allah's Work and To Serve and Save Humanity from Itself.

And to Serve and to Save Allah's World from imminent peril. And from willful self-destruction.

So, Feedback anyone?


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