A Dictatorship Is a Dictatorship, Is a Dictatorship, Is a Dictatorship!
And Whatever Else a Dictatorship Is, It Is Not Islam! [Quote - 905]

Jan 24, 2018

Muslims have an abundance of dictators and tyrants and despots of all kinds, varieties and stripes – military, civilian, royal, and every other kind.

Egypt has been groaning and moaning and sobbing under the heel of the most brutal military dictators, one after the other, for the past nearly 70 years.

Other Muslim tyrants, despots, hereditary monarchs, absolute kings and sundry dictators from the area – the so-called Middle East – instead of helping the people of Egypt to get rid of their Military Dictators and regain their Liberty and their freedom and self-respect and dignity and human rights, empty their huge coffers to help establish and consolidate and strengthen the barbaric military dictatorship of Egypt.

That is the state of the Muslim Ummah today, if anyone cared to know. Muslims done in by fellow-Muslims.

The simple fact is, tyranny has many faces and they are all from the Devil.

In case anyone has trouble understanding this simple equation, let me make it as clear as I possibly can: A Dictatorship by any name and in any form is still a Dictatorship.

It is one of the many, many faces of tyranny. Nothing more, nothing less.

And it is directly from the Devil.


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