Du'a Is Not a Du'a Unless It Is Really a Du'a! [Quote - 942]

Feb 5, 2019

Du'a is not a Du'a unless it is really a Du'a.

And until and unless every fiber in your body and mind and soul is consumed and overwhelmed by it. 

And until it is accompanied by copious crying and heart-rending sobs and torrential tears.

Your RasulSallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, even showed you how to do it. The same way he showed everything else.

He said what may be paraphrased as: 

"If you don't know how to cry, 
and if the tears will not come to you easily and readily, 
then at least go through the motion of crying." 

"Act as if you are actually crying."

"Force yourself to cry."

"Affect crying!"

Fa-Tabaakoo, is how he put it.

And then -- and this is my sense of the meaning, not part of the Hadith Sharif -- and then maybe, maybe when it is time, and when you are ready, the tears will come to you.

Allahu Akbar! What a Deen Allah sent. 

And, Allahu Akbar, what a teacher he sent to teach that Deen to the world.

The least we can do is say: 

Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam!

And, of course, say:

Fa-Lillahil Hamdu Rabbis Samaawaati,
Wa Rabbil Ardi,
Rabbil Aalameen!


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