A Good Muslim College Must Have  Strong Media and Strong Student Government

Feb 5, 2024

A Good Muslim College Must Have 
Strong Media and Strong Student Government

Dr. Pasha – Dec 12 2023

Good Muslims must have good Educational Institutions. Among them Good Colleges and Universities. 

Sadly, Muslims of America have not yet woken up to this responsibility. At least not fully.

To my knowledge, Muslims have not yet built a High-School-Level Academy, where best students can go to get the best all-round education possible.

For, Islam is all about Education. Read Surah Al-Jumu’ah and you will know.

And a Good Muslim Educational Institution must not only be the best in Academics but also in what are called Extra-Curricular Activities.

My mail below addresses two of those Activities: Student Media and Student Government.

It is a quick letter I wrote to someone who is working mighty hard to build a college for women and staking enormous resources of all kinds on that project.

Please read on!

Forgive me, I keep flooding you with these mails. Allah bless you for reading them and for putting up with them. 

A good college needs Good Media, where students can learn and practice skills of SpeakingWriting, Production, Creativity and Management.

A good College also needs a strong Student Government, which will be based on vigorous campaigning and elections: Open, Honest, Truthful and Tireless.

Among other things, it teaches them Leadership and ways of dealing with victory and defeat.

And ways of dealing with supporters and opponents.

And how to be strong and unyielding on fundamental principles and how to compromise and accommodate on things that are peripheral and non-essential.

For, Elections Are the Islamic Way

Rest is Tyranny and Zulm.


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