A-Laa Lahul Khalqu Wal Amr! [Quote – 703]

Jul 6, 2016

Let us get this sorted out.

God made us, right? Well, if you are not an atheist, then that is your position, correct? God created us all?

So, if God did make us, then who do we belong to? Who owns us? Whose property are we? Who has patent rights on us?

No mumbo-jumbo, religious or otherwise. Just plain, simple, direct answers, please.

If our creator, or maker, is not our master, our owner that is, then who is?

OK, if he is our maker and master, then, who should tell us how to behave? Whose writ or mandate should run our lives?

I say God Almighty’s. What do you think?

And that is precisely what the following Aayat means — the passage from the Qur’an that I started out with:

A-Laa Lahul Khalqu Wal Amr!


He made us. Created us, that is.
So, it is his right to run our lives.
And our world.”


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