A Living Fossil [Quote – 231]

Dec 14, 2010

Islam is life itself. It is the message and methodology of life designed by the creator for his creation. And yet in many ways it is possible to think of Islam as a Living Fossil. And to think of Muslims as dead men walking. You can call them modern-day dinosaurs if you will – alive and well. And you may look at the entire world as the Jurassic Park of Islam. Because everything Islamic that Muslims are and do today, even in their less-than-ideal state of Islamic living, goes back 1400 years. Historically speaking, there is nothing modern or new or of recent origin about Islam. That means everything truly Islamic in the lives of Muslims, even today, after the passage of fourteen long centuries, is exactly what the Qur’an preached and the Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, taught and exemplified in his own noble life one thousand four hundred years ago. And yet it is all a vibrant part of our own everyday life and reality today. There is nothing like it anywhere else. And those who have not seen or experienced the reality of Islamic teachings in any way cannot even imagine that something like this is possible or that it exists in this world today right in front of our eyes. That is why we need to understand clearly that everything about Islam is a Real-Time Miracle.

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