A Piece of Good News, I Think [Quote - 608]

Sep 15, 2015

Recently, I visited some Muslim websites. Or should I call them "Islamic" sites?

And glanced through a couple of articles, which, I take it, were written by Muslims, even though given the complications of the website format used, I couldn't tell for sure.

And I was surprised -- pleasantly, I should say -- that, first of all, the articles seemed to have been written in "English" -- more or less "real English." 

By this I mean the writing was markedly different from the usual Pakistani, Indian or Arab versions of the English language, which has generally been the standard fare in most Muslim-Islamic writings.

Not only that. Even the content of the articles I read seemed to have been fairly well researched, well organized and well written.

And the topics that were selected appeared to border on what some people may see as cutting-edge issues of the day.

I was almost on the verge of saying: "Bravo Muslims! What took you so long?"

I am asking myself: Is this, finally, the arrival of a new dawn for Islam and Muslims in the West? 

Away from the usual insularity and ghetto-state of Muslim thinking and communication to a new awakening to excellence and innovation in Muslim thought and writing?

May God Almighty make it so!


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