A Question about Zakat [Quote – 598]

Jul 10, 2015

Just think about all the money Muslims owe in Zakat — the 2.5 percent annual levy that God has imposed on their savings.

Zakat is a powerful and unique system of social and economic justice, as well as personal and societal purification, that God has placed in the hands of the Muslims.

No, no, no. I am not asking if Muslims give Zakat. I am not asking how many of them do — and how much.

I am only asking where does their Zakat money go and how does it actually get spent?

“Good question,” wouldn’t you say?

All the Muslim organizations that so hungrily and single-mindedly chase after Muslim Zakat, throughout America and UK — a new Muslim cult would you say? — just how do they spend that Zakat money?

What do they do with it? Does anyone know?


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