A Quote by Hashim Mohammed [Quote – 485]

Jan 25, 2014

A Quote by Hashim Mohammed

Leadership, whether good or bad, determines, to a large extent, the condition of a people.

At the same time, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they make an effort themselves to change it.

In other words, till they decide to put the “Work,” not their “self first.

Work” of course means that they should have as their top priority the responsibility of taking the Qur’an and the message of Allah’s Deen to every home and heart that needs it — and which one does not? — and not be totally preoccupied with their own personal lives, families and careers.

Today, many Muslims are numb to Islam and their environment both. They fully understand neither the Deen of Islam which came to them from Allah. Nor do they really understand the society, the environment and the world in which they live.

As a result, they often end up losing both: Deen as well as Dunya.

Good Muslim scholars — Ulama Haqq always struggled mightily to serve the people and to speak the truth, even when doing so cost them their lives or their liberties, often at the hands of Muslim kings and tyrants.


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