A Quote from a Concerned Human Being [Quote - 379]

Nov 3, 2012

"It's been quite interesting times recently.

Subhanallah, this is Allah's world and we want to see it function from our own narrow perspectives. In doing so, we often seem to miss the point that he does what he wants, as and when and how he wants, and he is accountable to no one. 

But still we push and pull at things in a bid to change them, as, of course, we must. Because that is our role in this world as human beings.

It is extremely painful mentally, and depressing frankly, to function where some of us live these days. Maybe the tolerance level of some of us is wearing thin. Maybe some of us are oversensitive.

But the deceit, betrayal and hypocrisy from so many different ends seems to be getting worse and worse by the day.

The wastage and corruption are so overpowering and widespread that people seem to be in a drunken stupor. 

And those who complain and protest and march either want to be at the feeding troughs, or were just yesterday at the feeding troughs, lapping up the rewards of protest.

And meanwhile life withers away.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Eid."

(A Caring and Concerned Human Being)

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