A Reaction to a Recent Quote from Dr. Pasha [Quote – 884]

Jan 9, 2018

By Professor Kalamazad Mohammed

Dr. Pasha recently made a comment in one of his posts on www.IslamicSolutions.com that I found to be truly astounding.

He said: “When people confuse means with ends, their lives don’t end up too well.”

This realization moved me deeply. And I began to think, maybe, Dr. Pasha was being gentle when he was breaking this stark reality upon us in this particular way.

Otherwise, I could see clearly that chances are, when people cannot tell the means from the ends, and when they make the means the end, they end up affecting, let me say “jeopardizing,” not only their own lives, but also the lives of others as well. 

And that means the whole world.

Most people in this world seem to be of the view, and conclusion, that the means are the ends.

Most people seem to feel that their careers, jobs, families, money, positions is what they have to spend their entire lives to achieve and to build.

Unfortunately, I feel, many Muslims also fall in this same trap. But with one difference though: When Muslims do this, when Muslims mistake means for ends, their case comes out to me as even more depressing than when the non-Muslims do it.

When we look at the life of Muslims today, it is clear that most Muslims see Salat, fasting and Hajj as the end and not as the tools Allah has given them to work on their character and thus influence and change the state of the whole world for the better.

In other words, those who were sent here by God to change the world, and make it better, have themselves fallen victim to the problems and confusion that prevail in the world.


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