A Theory of Free Literature Distribution:
Muslim Cuteness Has No End! [Quote - 782]

Jan 5, 2017

There is no end to how cute the Muslims are. Across the board.

But some Muslim groups have their own special talents and gifts, cultural practices and habits, over and above a certain base level of general cuteness.

In general, when you hand out free literature to people, many simply do not bother to read it.

Most do not even care to look at it.

Flyers are the worst offenders in this regard. Most people who take them from you either throw them in the nearest trash basket or fold them and stuff them in their back pockets, never to revisit them again.

Muslims, of course, are not the greatest and most avid readers in the world -- of anything. Muslims are generally great talkers: Yap-Yappers, if there is such a word.

They will talk about anything and everything, forever and ever and ever, whether they know anything about it or not.

Endless, senseless gossip is the bread and butter of any average Muslim's life: generally content-free and directionless. It defines most Muslim social gatherings and encounters.

How much of Muslim Yap-Yapping is hard-core or borderline Backbiting is anybody's guess.

So what if Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, warned us that our tongues are often our surest passport to hell?

And so also what if the Qur'an says that backbiting is equal to eating the flesh of our dead brothers?

And mind you, Backbiting is when what you say about "Your Brother" is true and factual. Otherwise, it is slander and defamation which renders Muslims accountable before law right here in this world.

The words "Your Brother" are from a Hadith Sharif I think.

In any case, those of you dedicated to distributing free literature to Muslims, beware! Most likely Muslims will not read it.

And be ready for some, if not many, especially of the Indo-Pak type, to take the literature from your hands and immediately hand it to their seven- or eight-year-olds. Something for the kids to play with and to feel good about.

That is Muslims for you! And you want Allah to put these people in charge of running his world?

What kind of God do you think he is? A parochial, tribal, national, ethnic, corrupt God? 

Like so many in American and British Political Circles, so patently and so decisively beholden to their contributors, constituencies, political agendas, party loyalties, foreign and domestic lobbyists, as well as personal interests, habits and weaknesses from alcohol to drugs to sex? 

Or is he everybody's God, Rabbul 'Aalameen, as he so proudly calls himself?

And the most fair and just God?


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