A Thought about Muslims [Quote – 582]

Apr 2, 2015

A Thought about Muslims

Dr. Firdaus

Muslims are indeed quite a people and they always seem to want to do their own thing — never mind what Islam really is and never mind what’s happening to the world.

Muslims may certainly be psychologically and emotionally scarred by how the world treats them — by all that the world says about them and to them and by what the world does to them. But part of being Muslim also is to accept responsibility for your own state of being in this world — and by extension for the state of the world, the way the world is, and for what the world has become under the watch of the Muslims.

At the same time, Muslims must give some thought to how easily they are manipulated and managed by others. It seems as if others do not even have to work hard or try seriously anymore: Muslims do the work for their enemies and detractors.

The more you think, the more the prophecy of Allah’s Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam, seems to be manifesting itself in the life of the Muslims and the world.

Does the expression of the Hadith “Ghuthaa’ Ka Ghuthaa-is-Sail” ring a bell anywhere? An expression that seems to express and foretell the sad but utter irrelevance and worthlessness of Muslims in the world.


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