A Thought — And a Prayer for This New Year 2018! [Quote – 877]

Hashim Mohammed

In Islam, life is an integrated, organic, unified whole. Therefore, there is no such thing as a separate “Religious Life” and a separate “Secular Life” from an Islamic point of view.

As a result, in Islam there is also no separate “Religious Leadership” and a separate “Secular Leadership.” 

There is only one leadership, which is both “Religious” and “Secular” at the same time. Even though that one leadership could be looked upon as “Good” or “Bad” Leadership depending on how it carries out its duties and responsibilities and how it delivers results.

Be that as it may, looking at the world the way it is, it is very sad that Muslim “Religious Leaders” have allowed Muslim “Secular Leaders” to rope them in to support their dictatorship and to help them carry out the enslavement of the Muslim Masses.

It is time that Genuine, Sincere and Capable Muslim Leaders emerge to lead the Muslim masses out of their bondage.

That is my most fervent prayer for this New Year — 2018!