A Time to Pray and A Time to Act

Apr 3, 2005

11. That includes questions of what we consumed and what we ate: Were those things lawful? Were those the right things to eat? Were those things sanctioned and permitted by God – Akl Halaal?

12. At the same time, did we stay away from all that God declared to be unlawful – Haraam – in the Bible and then later confirmed much of it in the Qur’an – like pork and usury, for example?

13. What is our relationship to truth – Sidq – in terms of speaking it, supporting it, championing it and living and practicing it? For, God after all is truth!

The Curse of Alcohol

14. Where do we stand in relation to that great mother of a lot of evil in this world – the great curse of alcohol?

15. The wrecker of homes and marriages; the destroyer of people and personalities; the waster of resources and wealth; the causer of abuse and violence; the killer on the roads; the stealer of time and efficiency in offices; and the ticket to all kind of diseases of the body, soul and mind?

16. Do we consume it? Do we sell and promote it? Do we live off of it? Do we support, preach and propagate its use?

17. Have we built a culture centered on it? Are we raising our future generations on it? Is it the mother’s milk that lubricates our social life and public celebrations?

18. Have we turned alcohol into a little god in our society and culture and build most if not everything in our life around it?

19. In general, where do we stand in relation to the more probable sins of the body?

20. And in relation to all the sins of the mind and soul that we so seldom think, acknowledge or talk about?

21. Once we have done the analysis, and once we realize all that we have done wrong, are we ready to repent – to do Taubah – a sincere, genuine, earnest, honest, heart-breaking, God-fearing repentance?

22. How much do we truly fear God Almighty? And how much do we fear everyone and everything else in the world?

23. How much do we really love God Almighty? And how much do we love everyone and everything else in the world, including the almighty dollar, the almighty Euro and the almighty pound sterling?

Sincerity and Surrender

24. And then there is the question of sincerity in prayer, during the course of the prayer itself. How are we praying? Where are our thoughts? How is our body behaving? How devoted, how dedicated and how earnest are we?

25. And beyond that is the question of utter, total, abject surrender and humility before God and his power – Tadarru’ – as we lift our hands to pray to him.

26. Do our attitude and our posture reflect the fact that we know and understand who is boss? That it is God Almighty, the maker and master of the worlds, who is boss and not us.

27. Will those looking at us be able tell that we are beggars deeply engrossed in the act of begging?

28. If all this is true, then all we have to do is to wait. Just wait for the results of our prayers to show up.

29. And that wait could last a lifetime from our calculations. But for God all it takes is a simple command that says “Be!” and there it is. For, to God Almighty, there is no past, no present and no future.

A Divine Time Scale

30. It is foolish to judge God’s actions by our own time scale, which our own experts tell us is at best a relative thing. If you don’t believe me, read Steve Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. Or read up any simplified version of Einstein’s ideas on Relativity.

31. The Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, tells us that there are three ways for a prayer to be answered.

32. One is for you to get what you asked for.

33. The other is your prayer saves you from the negatives that may have come your way had you not prayed.

34. Third, the fruits and rewards of your prayer are stored up for you till after death, when you will meet God Almighty. On that day, you will reap the fruits of your prayers in abundant measure.

35. So your prayers, done right, never fail.

36. That is God Almighty’s promise in the Qur’an. “Call me and I shall respond!” Says he in the Qur’an.

37. “When my slaves call me, I am close” he also says in the Qur’an. “I respond to the call of those who call me.”

38. “Think of me, and I shall think of you, talk about me and I shall talk about you,” he says elsewhere in the Qur’an.

39. What better guarantees do we need for whether or not God will listen to us, and whether or not he will respond to our calls, and whether or not he will answer our prayers?

The One Prayer that Never Fails

40. If you believe in Allah and his prophet, Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam – you are a Muslim that is – then there is absolutely, positively one prayer that does not fail: your prayer to God to bless his prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

41. And every time you bless his prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, once, he blesses you 10 times. And each one of those blessings could be multiplied any number of times thereafter.

42. One single mercy and blessing from him is enough to fill your life and this entire universe with goodness, health, wealth and happiness forever and ever.

43. But what we really need to understand is that prayers are only a part of life as human life is designed and ordained by God Almighty to be lived on his earth. There are other aspects of life that are equally important.

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