A Trip and a Man and a Book [Quote – 720]

It was a trip I was supposed to be too ill to make. It was an unlikely trip.

But the trip was made anyway. Allah made it happen — as Allah makes everything happen.

And on that trip I met a man — an unlikely man. And he told me an unlikely thing.

He said he often finished the Qur’an — doing a Khatm of the Qur’an as they say, from cover to cover — once in two days. 

That is 15 Juz or parts of the Qur’an a day! 

And it is fifteen Khatm a month, right? 

Right here on this earth? Right now in our own age and time? And I met such a man?

How likely is that? The entire trip was supposed not to happen, a most unlikely trip, given how unroadworthy some people were.

And the fact that I got to shake the hand of this man? What a jackpot that was, as they may say.

And he was such an unlikely man. Tall and elegant and most unassuming — and clean shaven as a whistle. Soft of voice and mild of manner with an incredible sense of humor.

Are there more people like him on this earth?

And are these people the reason why the sun still rises from the East and the sky still sustains and nourishes life on earth by giving it water?

And what a book, this Qur’an.

“It just happens,” said the man when he saw me so completely aghast by the news I had just heard. “Once you pick up the Qur’an, you can’t put it down.”

And he said: “It goes by itself.”

What a man!

And what a book!