ABC of Learning Arabic Language.
All Education Is Self-Education!

Jul 30, 2020


ABC of Learning Arabic Language.
All Education Is Self-Education!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time.
Trying to Take the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And Which One Does Not?)

In education, the burden is on you: the People

It is on the Students if you wish to call yourselves that.

So, at all times, you need to find out what you need to do and then do it.

Arabic is Allah's language, if you want to call it that, even though all languages are Allah's languages.

So, here is what you need to do, if you have any desire of any kind of ever attending any of my Arabic Language and Cultural Immersion Sessions with the intention of learning Allah's Language Arabic:

1. Clean your Soul

Most sincerely and plenty of times, do Tawubah and Istighfaar

Repent from all the terrible things you have been doing in the past. Or you may be contemplating for the future.

And know this very clearly: When the windows are shut, and they are also full of layers upon layers of thick cobwebs for years and years, light does not penetrate.

And Allah's Book Qur'an, and Allah's Language Arabic, are Allah's Light

They are Allah's Noor

They are the light that radiates through the heavens and earth.

If you wish your mind and heart to become home to that light, to that Noor, clean up the premises. Polish them and make them shine. A billion times more than you would your Rolls Royce.

2. Clean your Mind.

a) Make your Motives and Intentions as Pure as possible. 

Get rid of all doubts and suspicions and fears and phobias and confusions and hesitations. And the Attitude of Indifference, and Sloth.

b) Banish your Ego and Self-Opinionatedness to the farthest corners of the world. 

Clean your mind of all the stuff which is out there already. Empty your mind of all previous knowledge and learning and make room for New Learning.

c) Fix your Attitude

Be grateful and show that you are indeed grateful and appreciative. 

Your teacher is doing you a favor of the kind that perhaps no one else can do. And, most likely, no one else has done in the past. 

Especially, when they are not being paid. 

And the price for something like this is way beyond what the highest and richest market like the United States, Norway or Sweden can afford, and way beyond what most people in this world can afford, no matter how full their coffers are. 

Understand and appreciate that. It is good for you. For your Mind and Soul. And it is the only way for you to advance your learning goals in these sessions.

3. Clean your Body.

Make Ghusl.

Make Wudu.

Keep physical space you are in as clean as possible.

4. Recite frequently

A'oodhu Billahis Samee'il Aleem Minash-Shayitaanir-Rajeem.

5. Tell the Truth

At least when there is no immediate threat to your own life or your family's life.

6. Read my e-mails carefully: every word, punctuation and even typo.

If you cannot bring yourself even to do that much, what are you doing trying to freeload what Allah is providing you free of charge? 

Just because it carries the Tag Islam, you think you can do whatever you want? And push people around, and take things for granted, just because they are not your White Colonial Masters of the past or present?

That sickness of our body, mind and soul, and that disease of our culture and educational system, needs to end before we can have further conversation.

If you want to know, that is what 500 years of White European Colonialism did to our mind, soul and culture. 

Like Pavlov's animals, it taught us to instinctively devalue Islam, and all things Islamic, and all associations and connections with Islam, to the lowest basement level, while we put all things White, Western, European and American on a pedestal and worship them.

And that mental, cultural, attitudinal, behavioral and spiritual slavery ends here and now.

For, Islam, before anything else it is, is all about Liberty: of mind, body, soul, spirit and everything else.

Allah's Arabic Language and Culture do not and cannot find a home in a slave mind or culture or people, even though, historically, and geographically, you will see nations upon nations, communities after communities, of the mentally, culturally, psychologically and spiritually enslaved people claiming Arabic to be their language, their Mother Tongue and so on.

For, Allah's Language Arabic is for Free Men and Women. Not for Slaves of Mind, Soul and Culture.


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