Advice to Muslims [Quote – 1047]

Jul 26, 2020

1. Trained teachers working together can achieve amazing results. In most things that they turn their minds to. Especially, if Allah’s hand is with them.

2. When Muslims take a so-called class — any class for anything — they must do everything in their power to master the material.

3. Cannot buy textbooks? Make xerox copies of relevant pages and MASTER THEM.

Always take hard copy of your book or xerox pages to class.

4. When you give information, give complete information. Don’t give snippets.

5. And when I write anything, read every word and punctuation. And read many times, so you will know what I am saying.

Do not run with things you may already have in your head. Remember, unless they carefully train themselves, most people read what is in their head, not what is in front of them.


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