Aiming High and Dreaming Big [Quote – 372]

Sep 26, 2012

“The important thing in life is not always just to think logically and act rationally. Sometimes, it is important also to aim high and dream big.

Humans need to learn to pour out all their heart’s desires, and all their mind’s wishes, to their master and maker, Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, and then let Allah’s Rahmat and Allah’s Law of Kun-Fa-Yakoon go to work on them.

Nothing is too small or too big to be submitted to Allah’s Rahmat. The only thing that matters is that you ask Allah for nothing that is in any way wrong or bad.

And that whatever you ask, you ask with all the fervor and passion in your heart.

Once you do that, there is no stopping that train short of the door of Allah’s Mercy and Grace.

And the door of Allah’s Mercy opens every time it is knocked.

In fact, there is no time or place when that door is ever shut or locked.

That is why Allah calls himself not just Ar-Rahman but also Ar-Raheem!” (Dr. Pasha)

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