All Education Is Self-Education!
And Life Is Searching for Truth!

Dec 17, 2020


All Education Is Self-Education!
And Life Is Searching for Truth!

Dr. Pasha

Read Every Word Most Carefully!

And Multiple Times!

Read Even the Typos!

Never forget that All Education Is Self-Education.

And Life is an Endless Process of Searching for Truth.

And that means Asking Questions.

Endless Questions.

And Looking for Answers.

And Not Backing Off.

And Not Taking Prisoners.

And Never Saying: Enough!

It is having the Passion, and the Courage, and the Determination, and the Will to go where the Path of Self-Education will take you.

For, all you have is your Brain.

And that means Logic.

And that means Science.

And that means Systematic Thinking.

All else is Hearsay.

All else is Gossip! Empty words and sounds and gestures and pictures.

And much of Gossip is Sin.

And Gossip is personally and socially harmful and dangerous.

Hearsay means: A Medley of He Said and She Said and They Said.

So, put your Brain to work for you. And never leave your Brain behind. For, if you do, you are at the mercy of Hearsay: And that means whatever anybody says.

And that means at the mercy of Everyone and Everything.

And here is how Dr. Pasha’s Model of Self-Education works:

Conceptually, it is Asking Questions and Looking for Answers.

Operationally, it is raising and trying to find answers to the following questions:

  1. What this Source is saying – whatever or whoever that Source may be – Does it Make Sense?

    This is looking for Conceptual Clarity – and Validity.

  1. What this Source is saying – whatever or whoever that Source may be –
    Is It True?

    This is looking for Operational Validity. Empirical Validity.

  1. How Do We Know?

And, we are back, full circle, back to Logic and Science and Data!

And this is a Lifelong Process.

And it is a Painful and Lonely Path.

But when you cross this Rainbow, you will find all the Gold you ever wanted. And that Gold will be Truth.

And as Human Beings, and as Scholars and as Students, we should settle for nothing less than Truth.

For, Life is about Looking for Truth.

And Life without Truth is Death: Mental, Psychological, Intellectual and “Spiritual” Death. If there is any aspect or element of Human Life that could be referred to as “Spiritual.”

“Spiritual!?” As if we don’t have enough trouble Defining and Measuring and Validating all the other concepts and expressions that we have been dealing with traditionally.

In all our Classes, Universities, and everywhere else.

And Mental, Psychological, Intellectual and Spiritual Death will sooner or later will lead to Physical Bondage and Death.

For, Truth is Liberation.

Truth, as someone said, Sets You Free.

And Falsehood Is Bondage. No matter where Falsehood comes from!

And Falsehood is your Path to Slavery and Chains – using Patrick Henry’s words.

“Forbid It Almighty God!” Said Patrick Henry – American Patriot and Freedom Fighter – as beautifully and as powerfully as you can imagine.

And when the Poet Robert Frost said that there was a Road Less Taken and Less Traveled, it is the Path of Looking for Answers.

It is the Path of Searching for Truth.

It is the Path of Asking Questions and Looking for Answers.

It is the Road that helps you to escape the Tyranny of Hearsay and Falsehood in your Life.

And in your Society and its Institutions.


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