All in a Day's Work:
In a Muslim's Day that Is! [Quote - 909]

Jan 28, 2018

By Hashim Mohammed

Sometimes, I do feel a Muslim knows how to live on God's earth, where God made him his own personal representative.

A Muslim somehow seems to know how to account for his days and nights.

And a Muslim, the way I see it, is Self-Motivated, Self-Directed and Self-Moving

And a Muslim does not wait around for all kinds of others to carry him on their shoulders, his duties to perform.

Here now, if you will, is a Panorama from a Muslim's Daily Life:

A Muslim begins his day with Allah's name. He opens his eyes and says: Alhamdulillah!

So, Alhamdu Lillah, on Wednesday, I was able to continue distributing our Literature in the North-East of the Country.

I did so at the Libraries at these two most beautiful towns. You supply whatever names you want.

And also at the Masjid at this beautiful town.

And at this incredible small Shopping Mall in the heart of this great town.

The owner of the mall, who I suspect used to be one of Dr. Pasha's students at one time, placed a table at the entrance of the mall to display our literature. I cannot say what was the response, because he started doing so only a few days ago.

Today, I distributed in the Central Part of the Country at the libraries at these two other towns: Call them what you want.

And also at the Masjid in this other town.

All in a Day's Work, as they say. A Muslim's Day that is, if you allow me to say that.

May Allah help people to read and benefit from the books and booklets -- the Literature --  that he allows us to provide.

May Allah bless Br Pasha and his family for providing this literature. And may Allah bless all those others and their families for helping in its publication and distribution.

May Allah bless me and my family with the health and strength and energy and Tawufeeq to continue 'Working for Him'.


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