Allah's Path Could Be Full of Difficulties and Challenges,
And Why Wouldn't It Be? [Quote – 1026]

Jun 22, 2020

Allah's Path -- Working for Allah -- could be, and indeed is, full of difficulties and challenges.

And why wouldn’t it be? 

At most, you work for a few decades in this life, if you are lucky as they say. Then you die like everybody else. 

And in those limited number of years on this earth, speaking in general terms, your lot is pretty much like everyone else's. Some days are better than some other days. And some things are easier to do than some other things.

But then in those short days, months, years and decades, that you spend doing Allah's Work on this earth, you also have set a most difficult and challenging agenda for yourself. 

Rather than leave people alone, you want to change them. Not one or two, or 10 or 100 people, but everyone everywhere. All 7,500,000,000 (7.5 billion) of them by early 21st Century count.

Rather than let things be, you want to influence and direct and channel the course of events in this world. 

You want to alter people's most cherished and fundamental beliefs, and you want to change the way people have been behaving all their life.

And you still want people to leave you alone? How is that going to happen?

And rather than allow Oppression and Tyranny -- Zulm -- in their myriad forms and manifestations to continue to dominate the world, you want to put a stop to them. And replace them with Kindness and Compassion, and with Justice and Truth.

You do that because you know, as a Hadith is supposed to hold: One day spent in making Justice prevail in the world is better than 60 years doing prayers. 

As a result, rather than let a Corrupt Status Quo rule the roost, as they say, you want to establish a New World Order -- one based on Justice and Truth and uncompromising Kindness and Compassion or Rahmat for everybody.

World Order dedicated to create perfect equality for all human beings of all colors and races and nationalities; unassailable rights and dignity for females; and clear and total Truth and Justice for all.

So, in this world, when you try to do all, or even any, of those things, how do you think the world will react? By what logic do you expect the world to leave you alone?

And then on top of all that, when you die, whether on the first day of your mission on earth, or after a ripe, rich tenure of 50 or 60 or 70 years of dedicated struggle in the path of Allah, you are told you are going into permanent and never-ending retirement of the greatest joy, felicity, luxury and comfort that no one can imagine called Jannat.

Just how do you think that is going to sit with the rest of the world?

And then, on top of all that, you have two kinds of enemies hot on your tail. Two kinds of Devils. Jinn Devils and Human Devils, whose sole purpose is to bother and harm you and to place all kinds of obstacles in your path?

So, when you run into difficulties and bottlenecks doing Allah's Work, you must know, it is not "you." There is nothing personal here. It is just the nature of the terrain you have chosen for yourself.

Unless you become so good at what you do that Shaitan -- the Devil -- becomes your personal enemy and comes out in the open to take you out.

For people who reach that stage -- they are very few indeed -- all anyone can say is: congratulations, the Devil hates you, and is working overtime to get rid of you. And anyone can see that it is happening.


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