Allah’s Work Is Full-Time Job [Quote – 470]

Sep 9, 2013

People do in life what they want to do. They achieve what they want and set out to achieve.

And all this is as fair as it could be.

Layisa Lil Insaani Illaa Maa Sa’aa, says Almighty Allah in the Qur’an.

Meaning, “You will only get what you work for.”

At the same time, what many people don’t realize is that Allah’s work is full-time job. And it is a compulsory duty on the part of all — man and woman.

Children are exempt till they reach maturity, which in Islam is the age of puberty.

Allah’s work cannot be done in spurts. Nor can we fit it to suit our convenience and leisure. Even though God Almighty accepts from everyone whatever little or lot they offer.

God Almighty created us to work for him. And we are his slave. That is who all of us are: Allah’s slave.

When we are not working for Allah, we are still Allah’s slaves, but this time we are Allah’s Run-Away Slaves. Slaves on the run from Allah’s justice and unfailing grip. With all of Allah’s creation in hot pursuit of us.

Who will give us quarter, and where will we find refuge, from such a relentless and all-out manhunt?


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