America and the World:
Nature of the Present Crisis

Mar 24, 2020


America and the World:
Nature of the Present Crisis

Dr. Pasha

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The crisis that has America -- and the world -- in its grip is multidimensional. That means this crisis has many parts, aspects and components. 

That means this is a crisis with wheels within wheels.

Primarily, this is a Health Crisis. It started with the rapid and unexpected emergence and spread of a pathogen -- Coronavirus -- that no one knows how to control or cure.

This Health Crisis, in its turn, gave rise to an Economic Crisis, because America's Workforce, from the most menial workers to the most intellectual ones, is being shuttered at home.

Lockdowns and Shelter-in-Place have become the order of the day.

As a result, people cannot go to work. They cannot travel freely. They cannot meet one another as, how and when they please.

It is easy to understand how and why the market is collapsing the way it is doing and why the economy is on the verge of tanking.

The question is which do we fix first. 

And since the Economic Crisis is the offshoot of the Health Crisis, it is hard, if not impossible, to fix the Economic Crisis till we have a handle on the Health Crisis itself that started it all. 

And it would not make any serious or lasting difference how many trillions of dollars we throw at it and at what rapid pace.

That is, until there is progress on developing a vaccine, or finding a cure, and until such time as the spread of the virus is somehow arrested or slowed down, the economy will be very hard to turn around.

A third element in this debate is the Leadership. What the society needs right now -- and always -- is leadership that meets two qualifications: 

(a) It is sincere.

(b) It is competent. 

If the leadership is not sincere, it is a leadership of Crooks

And if the leadership is not competent, then it is a leadership of Idiots.

Either way, the society will be the loser.

And if the leadership is beholden to partisan political considerations, and to its financial backers, or to its narrow ideological constituencies, more than it is committed to the real interests of the country and the American people, both short term and long term, then the crisis that started out as a Health Crisis, and then morphed into an Economic Crisis, becomes a raging Moral Crisis.

And nations, small and large, ultimately end up where their moral compass and fiber take them.


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