An Important Clarification from Dr. Pasha

Jul 17, 2010


An Important Clarification from
Dr. Pasha

We want to make it perfectly clear that most, if not practically all, of our postings on IslamicSolutions.Com are in need of further research and revision, which we are often unable to undertake due to lack of time and resources. There are some that are little more than hasty first drafts.

But we put them all up – many of them just the way they are – mainly hoping to get some of the basic ideas through to those who may be kind enough to visit us on IslamicSolutions.Com.

Please do not hesitate to bring to our attention any errors that you may perceive, whether they are errors of fact or even what you may consider to be errors of judgment and opinion.

All we seek to do is to pursue truth (Haqq) wherever it may be and serve God and his creation (Khalq) irrespective of race, religion, gender, nationality, social status or any other marker of achieved or ascribed human difference.

As God’s messenger Shu’aib, Alaihis Salam, says in the Qur’an: In Ureedu Illal Islaaha Mastata’tu: All I am trying to do is be useful to the extent I can. That is our methodology of choice for the realization of our goal of trying to change the world of Allah to be a better place for all – Muslim or non-Muslim, human or non-human.


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