An Important Fact about Muslim Presence in India
The Ruling Fascists of RSS and BJP Seem to Forget!

Aug 13, 2019


An Important Fact about Muslim Presence in India
The Ruling Fascists of RSS and BJP Seem to Forget!

Dr. Pasha

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India was always a land that attracted invaders and conquerors from everywhere, from Alexander of Greece or Macedonia to the British. In between were Muslims: Arabs, Afghans, Turks, Persians and I don’t know who else.

Some came to pillage and plunder, like the British. Some others came, conquered and left, like Alexander the Greek. But Muslims mostly came to stay. Muslims made India their home. And they lived and died in India. Among the Indian people.

Muslim royals of several dynasties ruled India, not just as Muslims, but also as Indians. They took their non-Muslim, Hindu subjects in tow. In general, they treated the Hindus as fairly as they treated the Muslims. 

One such early Muslim ruling dynasty — I want everybody to pay close attention to this — was a Slave Dynasty. They were called Mamluk: Slaves. 

That alone tells you the whole story of what Islam and Muslims are all about in this world, no matter who says what. That is how Islam and Muslims treated their Slaves: They made their slaves their rulers and kings! 

All the anti-Islam and anti-Muslim propaganda aside, this is how Muslims in general treated people: all people, all human beings, Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

The Slave Dynasty built the world-famous Qutub Minar. The Mughal Dynasty built Taj Mahal and all kinds of other most amazing wonders.

So, the Muslims gave to India. And they enriched India. And they lived and died among the Indian people. As Indians.

This is an important little detail about Muslim presence in India that the new Fascist thinkers, ideologues, activists, rabble-rousers and hate-monger overlook when they paint Muslims and Islam as total aliens and nothing but blood-thirsty foreign invaders bent on plundering their Colony India for the benefit of some mythical Mother Country, England, or France or Portugal, or other.

In doing this, the Fanatics and Fascists from the Hindu Supremacist Rashtra Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and its Political Wing the Bharatya Janata Party (BJP) who rule India today, are confusing Muslims with the British, and other European Colonizers, such as the French and the Portuguese and others.

These European Colonizers had one thing on their mind: Gold! They all came to India with the sole purpose of conquering India for its gold. And for its fabled wealth. 

As a result, they plundered India’s wealth and shipped it to their Mother Country; England, France and Portugal and elsewhere. 

And they ruled India like foreigners. And they treated the Indians, Hindus as well as Muslims, as an inferior class of people. In fact, they looked upon all Indians as lesser human beings. 

They hung signs that made their philosophy of government and their view of their new Indian subjects crystal clear. Some of those signs said: Indians and Dogs Not Allowed! 

And those, like the Spaniards, who got lost in the sea and never made it to India, were also headed to India. Till the end, Christopher Columbus lived thinking that he had made it to the Indies: India that is. 

That is why, to this day, the Civilized World could not find a decent and right name for the original inhabitants of the Americas, other than calling them “Indians.” 

Just look at all the names people of Columbus and the Civilized World gave these unfortunate people of the Americas: Indians; Red Indians; Natives; Savages! 

And if the Savages did not fight them, and instead became subservient and obedient and respectful and peaceful, the European Colonizers called them Noble Savages.

And look at the treatment Columbus gave the people of the Americas, people he thought were Indians: He chopped off their hands if they failed to produce a pot of gold at his command. 

“Native Indians” were burned alive and roasted over pits. Little children were torn from the breasts of their mothers and tossed in raging fires and fed to hungry dogs.

Muslims did not do any of this to the people of India. They made India their home. And they treated Indians — Hindus at that time — as their own people.

This was not just because Muslims were nicer and kinder people. It was also because, and largely so, because Islam had drilled into Muslims a philosophy of Human Equality, irrespective of race or religion

And because Islam had inculcated in Muslim Rulers a fundamental belief and a controlling culture that all their subjects, regardless of their race or religion, must be treated fairly and with equal justice.

So, it is balderdash, and it is absolute rubbish, and it is wicked and malicious propaganda, to say that Muslims were nothing but invaders and conquerors; and Muslim rulers were the most brutal rulers. 

And Muslims in general did all kinds of terrible things to Hindus.

The reality is that ever since RSS-BJP won the election in 2019 with a huge majority, Indian Democracy has put on a blatant and rabid Fascist Face. The true colors of the RSS and the BJP are showing.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah are both lifelong ideological as well as organizational products of the Fascist Hindu Supremacist Philosophy and Ideology of the RSS and the BJP.

That philosophy and that ideology is called: Hindutva, which stands for Total Hindu Domination and Supremacy throughout India.

Mr. Modi was the full-time professional preacher (Pracharak) of that philosophy and Mr. Amit Shah was its lifelong enforcer.

It is a Fascist ideology at the core and in the way it manifests itself in reality. 

And it is a Racist ideology as rabid and as perverse as any that may have come out of the playbook of the European Colonizers.

The fact is that what the fanatical Fascists of the RSS and BJP and their ilk are doing to Indian Muslims today is not very different from the most terrible and brutal and barbaric things that Columbus and other European Colonizers did to the Native Indian Savages of the Americas.

To people they thought were Indians. And called them so.


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