An Upside-Down World:
Martial Law and Curfew! [Quote – 1066]

Nov 29, 2020

Allah’s mercy is boundless. In itself as well as in relation to us. 

Just as Allah says:

Wa In Ta’uddoo Ni’amatallahi Laa Tuhsoohaa,
Innallah Ghafoorur Rahim.


“No matter how hard you try to count Allah’s Blessings, 
you will not be able to do a full count of them.

Surely, Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful”

However, we living in the world in which we live, we are subject to a flurry of forces that create all kinds of turmoil in our lives. Forces that we are for the most part unable to control. 

Sometimes, some of us may feel that, all of a sudden, our usual, routine lives have gone topsy-turvy: Upside Down. There is chaos and confusion everywhere.

Out of nowhere, as it were, people are affected by all sorts of health and other challenges. Entire families have come down with the dreaded COVID-19.

May Allah grant health and ‘Aafiyah to all those affected. And everybody.

And grant ease and comfort to all as they go about their chores and responsibilities in their daily lives.

And if it is any comfort at all, we may want to look around and see what is happening to the entire world. The whole world seems to have been strung up Topsy-Turvy: upside down from a lamp post.

Since Muslim societies and governments have experienced more than their share of Martial Laws and Curfews and what not, they can understand how the whole world today seems to be under Martial Law (Direct Rule by the Military) by God Almighty’s Direct Orders.

And there seems to be God’s Curfew in force everywhere. People dare step out of the sanctuary of their homes on their own peril.



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