And the Point Is...? [Quote - 672]

Apr 8, 2016

One of the most important leaders of this work, a founding member of the Coworkers Community, an indefatigable worker for Allah, and just a plain wonderful Muslim, and a personal friend for who knows how long, had, by the Grace and Mercy of Allah, a rather narrow escape the other day. 


A car -- driven by a member of the police force, no less -- jumped the median and sideswiped him, while he was, as always, on the road to distribute books about Allah to the people of Allah -- anyone who will read them or even look at them.

Allah gave him prior warning -- and saved him from a head-on collision. 

Allah spared him -- for his wonderful family; for those of us who love him; and most of all for his own work. For, that is what this man has been doing all his life: Allah's work.

We are all grateful to Allah. And we celebrate and give thanks to Allah. 

We even decided to do a Khatm as a token of our gratefulness to Allah for sparing one for our leaders for us -- and for his work.

But there is another question here that must be asked: 

How many of us, associated with Allah's Work, realize -- and grasp to any degree -- that this could be a sign from Allah, telling us that we better watch out; we better not slack off; we better not put Duniya before Allah's Work, using all kinds of excuses and arguments and rationalizations.

What we are calling Allah's Work here, but which in reality is our first and foremost duty in this world, the very reason why Allah created us in the first place, and the very reason he gave us our degree, our jobs, our houses, our families and everything else. 

And that work -- Allah's Work -- is to take Allah's book to everyone of Allah's people -- everyone everywhere, Muslim and non-Muslim, male and female, child and adult.

For, the distance between life and death is that close. For each and everyone of us. In this Russian Roulette that we call Life.

That is the point we all need to get. And if we got the point we will all know that every breath we take -- every breath that we have been given by God -- is a blessing, and an opportunity, and at the same time, a challenge and a warning from Allah. 

The point is how do we know it is not our last breath.

We should understand that the line that separates us from our mortality is really devoid of width. That means it is not really a wide line. It is not even a thin line. It is simply an imaginary line.

That is the point that should not escape us.


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