Mar 21, 2020

No one but Allah, God Almighty, knows the exact time of the Last Day. What in Islamic Literature is called Qiyaamah

That is the day when the world as we know it will end. It will be sudden and it will be catastrophic. Nothing will be left standing. Nothing will retain its shape or make up.

Qiyaamat will sweep away the existing world and replace it with a totally different world. It will be the day which will herald the complete gathering and accountability of all human beings before their creator.

Good acts, no matter how small, will be rewarded. Bad acts, no matter how small, will be disposed off appropriately. Nothing will escape accountability.

Fa-Man Ya’mal Mithqaala Dharratin Khayiran Yarahu,
Wa Man Ya’mal Mithqaala Dhrratin Sharran Yarahu.

So, when will that day arrive? No one knows for sure. But you may start wondering about Qiyaamat if the world behaves in certain specific ways.

When certain divine lights on God’s earth begin to dim, flicker and go out.

For example, when you see mosques shut their doors to worshipers; when you see Jum’ah Khutbahs, Friday Prayers, as the world calls them, cancelled; when you see the circling of the Ka’bah, the House of God at Makkah, or Tawwaf as it is called in Arabic, come to a stop; maybe it is time for you ask if the Last Hour is at hand. 

If the Qiyaamah is just around the corner.

Not that it was ever far.


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