As Martin Niemoller Would Put It -- Perhaps!

Apr 5, 2017


As Martin Niemoller Would Put It -- Perhaps!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)


First they came for the Americas. Emptied the land of its peoples and filled it with their own people and with slaves and indentured contract laborers.

Muslims did not say anything. Muslims did not speak up.

Then they went to Africa and denuded its lands of millions upon millions of its able-bodied men and women and children and shipped them off to work as slaves in the Americas, where the average life of mine slaves was often no more than seven years, and where they were treated with a cruelty and barbarism that makes humanity itself hang its head in shame.

Muslims did not speak up. Muslims remained silent. Muslims did not even understand what was going on.

Then they went to Australia and emptied the land of its people they called the natives and aborigines and filled it with their own people and with convicts of all manner and description.

Muslims said not a word. It was not Muslim business.

Then they filled mostly empty Muslim lands with poor people from around the world they called Contract Labor and exploited and brutalized them in all kinds of slave camps in the most inhuman and barbaric ways.

Not a word escaped Muslim lips, partly, but only in part, because most perpetrators were Muslims themselves. And the criminals -- al-Mujrimoon, as the Qur'an calls them -- carried Muslim names.

And they prayed and fasted just like Muslims. And they even built mosques everywhere.

And then, finally, they came for Muslims. They called Muslims every vile and foul name they could think of: radicals; jihadists; Islamists; fundamentalists; fanatics; extremists; you name it. 

And finally terrorists.

Then they began to rain death and destruction on the heads of Muslim men and women and children in Muslim lands from the skies, from the waters, from the land and from everywhere.

And they began emptying Muslim lands of its people by turning hapless and defenseless Muslim masses into refugees and exiles and asylum seekers.

And by now there was no one left to speak up for the Muslims. 

Not Muslim, not anyone else.

For, in part and only in part, many of the perpetrators of these unspeakable atrocities against Muslims were themselves Muslims: they carried Muslim names; and acted sporadically as Muslims; and occupied positions of power in Muslim lands.

They were royal, military and civilian Muslim dictators imposed on Muslim lands by their Colonial Masters -- in some places like Turkey for a full 100 years and in some other places like Egypt and Iraq and Jordan and Syria and Arabia and Pakistan for no less than 50 years. 

And these tyrants often spoke through Muslim "religious" leaders they and the Media called the "Islamic Clerics," referring to the system of Islam that had banned both kings and priests and all forms of mental and physical tyranny and bondage a long time ago. 

Over 1400 years ago.

The reality was that these so-called "religious" leaders and clerics were nothing more than Mullahs for Hire.

They were simply Hired Guns toting Islamic titles and flaunting Islamic credentials and fooling ignorant Muslim masses and pleasing their paymasters.

They were just people in the pay of the royal, military and civilian Muslim dictators throughout Muslim lands who themselves were in the pay of their foreign Colonial Masters.

Meanwhile, many good Muslims got busy with their families and jobs and careers and businesses arguing that Islam made all those things an important requirement. And it was their first and most important human and Islamic duty anyway to take care of themselves and their families.

And many of them left everything and made a career out of Islam itself, often selling this or that "Islamic" gadget or trick and soliciting and collecting Muslim funds and charities and donations to promote Muslim and Islamic events and activities of one kind or another.

And they all lived happily ever after. For, they and their families were now safe, secure and well fed. And their masters were happy and pleased with them.

At least so they thought. 

In the meantime, Allah had thought different. Allah had said: Just Wait!


That is what Allah said: Just Wait!


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