As Muslims, Why We Do What We Do? [Quote – 434]

May 31, 2013

If you are a Muslim, you operate under certain constraints. Often you don’t have some of the luxuries and freedoms others may claim.

For example, others may do things to impress and to feel good. Muslims must do things proceeding from a sense of deep personal accountability before God – and his creation.

An overpowering sense of duty must drive all that Muslims do in their lives.

Thereafter, Muslims must do things, as much as possible, for utilitarian purposes. They must constantly examine and question their motives. And they must ask themselves what really lies behind what they are doing; how good it is; and what good will it do to anyone.

On the widest scale.

And that aspect of “Doing Good” is a direct quote from the Qur’an: Ammaa Maa Yanfa’un Naasa – “that which benefits the people; that which is of use to people.”

That means a rigorous and ongoing review and adjustment of their intentions; their goals and purposes; and their methods, approaches and techniques.

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