Assassination Watch for Donald Trump:
What America Does to Some of Her Favorite Sons

Nov 15, 2016


Assassination Watch for Donald Trump:
What America Does to Some of Her Favorite Sons

Dr. Pasha

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On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, Donald Trump won the presidency. And he did so after a bitter, bloody and turbulent electoral Armageddon. 

The favorite daughter in this election cycle, Hillary Clinton, lost in all kinds of most unexpected ways, devastating her supporters and sending shock-waves among her High-Power and Big-Money backers -- from Wall Street to Wherever.

Our elections are set up such that somebody wins and somebody else loses. It is a simple Winner-Take-All mechanism.

While the victors go home happy, the losers do not always react with grace and acceptance. 

Some among them rebel. Some voice and nurse bitterness. Some even seek revenge.

From the day I first saw Trump on television, talking about his intention to run for the White House, and I heard some of the things he was saying, I said to myself: 

Oh oh, this man is living dangerously.
If he is serious about what he is saying,
this man is on track for assassination!

For, that is the track record we have. For, that is what America does to some of her favorite sons.

And by that I mean individuals who say some blunt but generally unspoken truths about ourselves, about our society and about the world, and in doing so manage to rub some very powerful and influential quarters in our society the wrong way. And constitute a serious threat to their interests.

Some examples are: Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X.

It was not for nothing that one of the greatest generals in our history, American and Allied winner of World War II, and a two-time president, and a Republican to boot, President Eisenhower, warned us, in the starkest of terms, about the threat that our Military-Industrial Complex poses to our society and to the American People and to American Democracy and Way of Life.

Other equally powerful elements and actors have joined that mix since that time: Wall Street, Media, Foreign Lobbies, you name it. 

So, simply put, either Trump changes his tune, and rearranges his priorities, and genuflects to the realities around him, or there are those in this world who will do their best to change the trajectory of his life and put an end to his plans and ambitions on behalf of the American people.

It is as simple as that.


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