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Pasha Hour International – Live from America!


It is education at its best — for both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Futuristic, dynamic, trail-blazing, cutting-edge. A truly new beginning in broadcast history.

A very different radio program is attracting the attention of Muslims and non-Muslims alike around the world. It is fresh; it is exciting; and it is all that you wished you had in a radio program but never quite got it before.

This program is a rare voice of clarity at a time of confusion and doubt! It is a voice of integrity in an age of spin and mendacity! It is a voice for peace, moderation and sanity in a world gone mad!

We must all work to make it the most listened to program in the world and help turn a new page in history![/tab] [tab title=”Live”]

When to listen: (Updated – 02 Apr 2013)

  • USA, New York, 8:00 PM – Tuesday | Trinidad & Tobago, 8:00 PM – Tuesday
  • UK, 1:00 AM – Wednesday | South Africa, 2:00 AM – Wednesday
  • Russia/Dubai, 4:00 AM – Wednesday | India, 5:30 AM – Wednesday
  • Indonesia, 7:00 AM – Wednesday | Malaysia/China 8:00 AM – Wednesday
  • Australia, Sydney, 11:00 AM – Wednesday

To calculate/confirm your local time for the live broadcast: base your calculation on 8PM Tuesday – New York time.

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Past Programs

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