Allah's Dhikr, in this world, is the only thing that makes sense to me.

In this world of lies, innuendos, half-truths, spin, and plain blatant lies; in this world in which various media of communication are used to plant and grow someone's lies and their depraved sense of what is upright; where you repeat your propaganda often enough and you distort reality and truth long enough; in such a world it is only Allah's Dhikr that makes sense to me. [...]

For those of us who have been spared this harrowing situation by God, it is difficult to comprehend what it is to physically experience these conditions and to do so in many instances for generations – almost as if these people know of nothing else.

Authoritarianism in all its manifestations is appalling and horrendous. And it is directly opposed to all that Islam teaches.

But it seems to be the common fate of Muslims around the world. And the only thing that seems to vary is the degree to which it prevails throughout the Muslim world.

But no matter how much it may vary in degree, authoritarianism is still the same. And it is despicable and reprehensible.

It runs counter to the very nature as it were of what we are made of as human beings. The human mind and spirit find it difficult to cope with negative comments and criticism far less being told at every step what to do, what to think, and what you can and cannot do.

And being forced to accept whatever is given to you in-spite of the inequity and injustice and oppression that surround you from every direction.

To live a life where you have to stay quiet and conform, or be afraid for your life and that of your relatives and associates, is no life at all, regardless of the form and nature of the threats that are directed at you.

So Allah bless those in the so-called Middle East who are fighting with their lives in a real and direct way for their basic rights and freedoms. Things which we in the West take for granted.

These are rights and freedoms which we in the Western part of the world have become accustomed to and expect.

Within Islam it is both legitimate and right to ask the question: "Why Islam?" Every tenet in Islam is subject to analysis and contention. No other religion is willing to subject its basic fundamentals of faith to such questioning. For example, Saint Thomas Aquinas, the most rational of Christian theologians, stopped the use of reason when it came to the basic fundamentals of Christian faith. He then tried to justify faith. So to ask "why Christianity?" is an illegitimate question. However, Allah invites the question as to "why Islam?".

Like the rest of the Muslims everywhere, I am greatly distressed and saddened by the state of the Muslim Ummah right now. I have been that way ever since I became aware, going back 30 years, what Islam really was – and what our role as Muslims was in this world.

I am deeply pained and embarrassed to say this, but the fact is that the Muslim community in Trinidad has not done much better than most Muslims in so many other parts of the world – even though Allah has given us here in Trinidad such wonderful opportunities to do things differently and better.

Trinidad Muslims today, sorry to say this, are in a state of considerable turmoil and confusion on the one hand and apathy and indifference on the other hand. What is truly sad is that not too many of us seem to understand this fully – or even care about it deeply and personally...

Allahu Akbar. The more time you spend in “Allah’s work,” the more time you seem to have on your hands for your own so-called personal needs.

And the less time you spend doing Allah’s work, the less time you seem to have for yourself. And then there are all other side effects and distractions that crop up on you from all sides.