Babysitting Muslims While Egypt Bleeds and Burns

Aug 14, 2013

If Allah thinks all I am good for is to “babysit” his best, Muslims that is, how can I fight that? I should be grateful, and I am, that I was considered good for something.

But how do you deal with the multiple and repeated heart ruptures that come from the realization that the “Best among the Muslims” will not stir to sustained creative and purposeful action in the Service of God and Humanity unless nudged – or should I say nagged? – to do so by others?

When it comes to rushing to the market to get meat, fish or vegetables, or have their car or bicycle fixed, Muslims will not usually wait for a convoy of “Divine Help” to arrive.

But when it comes to Working for Allah – that is, inviting all of Humanity to God and serving all of Humanity regardless of religion, race, status or gender – many Muslims of the world today will not lift a finger or move a muscle till God gives them Tawufeeq, as the best of them would call it, which of course is an expression taken from the Hadith.

That is, till God himself makes them do it!

Reminds me, more or less, of what followers of Moses, Alaihis Salam, as the Qur’an reports it, said to Moses, God Bless Him, when faced with the imperative of decisive and immediate action:

“You and your God go and do the fighting. We would rather sit here and watch.”

So, when faced with the never-ending need for strong speech and constructive action in support of Allah’s Work, many of these Best Muslims around the world would rather sit and wait till they see flights of angels parachute down in their midst from High Heaven and urge them to get up and help a Humanity in Distress!

Innal Insaana Lafee Khusr is what I am thinking about here.

And as they silently sit out life and its most pressing challenges that surround them from every side, not the least in a place like the historic land of Egypt, the home of prophets of God Moses and Joseph, may Allah bless them both.

However, at the same time, these members of the Silent Muslim Majority will not be averse to immersing themselves in all kinds of “sacred chants,” which I am sure at least some of them would like to call “holy acts of worship or ‘Ibaadat.”

Thus, these “Holy Chants” will be their substitute for decisive speech and purposeful and peaceful acts of the strongest and loudest protest possible against the daily and ongoing massacre of innocent civilians in Egypt by the criminal Egyptian military and police and their hired goons and thugs.

This will surely gladden the hearts of the likes of Egypt’s Muslim Pontifex Maximus, High Priest Ahamad Tayyib, the Azhar Shaikh, who gave his blessings to the bloody and barbaric military coup d’état under the arch-criminal General Sisi and his criminal gang of corrupt military officers who overthrew Egypt’s legitimate government; kidnapped the elected president; suspended the national constitution; and dismissed the parliament.

And who is now painting his hands and his corrupt turban red with the blood of innocent, unarmed civilian men, women and children who came out in their millions to protest the criminal coup d’état and reclaim their inalienable rights of Freedom and Democracy, which they had been denied for 60 years by military dictators, and whom the Criminal Military Junta and its goons and assassins are today mowing down in the streets like rabbits.

While these brave Egyptian Lovers of Freedom and Democracy face military tanks and police bullets with nothing but their bare chests and copies of the Qur’an in their hands!

You would think anyone anywhere with a scintilla of conscience and a modicum of shame would be speaking out nonstop, and in the strongest voice possible, denouncing these ongoing pogroms against the unarmed Egyptian People by the criminal elements in Egyptian military and police.

But no, not really!

For, many Muslims must first await the arrival of angels from above to show them the true face of reality in Egypt and tell them to protest it and speak out against it.

Till such time, many Muslims would rather sit and do their “sacred” chants. Maybe, who knows, personally aided and assisted, and blessed, by the criminal Azhar Pontiff Tayyib himself.

Don’t forget, military coup d’états against elected civilian governments are crimes under International Law as are all actions aiding, abetting and supporting such criminal acts.


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