Bad Guys Have All the Power in the World, but Good Guys Have God on Their Side

Jul 14, 2013

Look around and it would seem that Bad Guys have all the power in the world. No question about that.

Enemies of Islam and Muslims – enemies of God and Humanity, in fact, and of human civilization in any form or fashion, including Democracy, Liberty and all kinds of human rights, freedoms and dignities – would seem to have all kinds of power in this world.

They always did.

But what no one should forget is that the Good Guys have God on their side. No question about that either.

Today, the democratically elected and legitimate government of Dr. Morsi in Egypt, and those who support and defend that government and the democratic rights and freedoms of the People of Egypt, are unquestionably among the Good Guys.

Among the Bad Guys, equally unquestionably, are the Egyptian Military Junta headed by General Abdal Fattah Sisi, and all those, inside and outside Egypt, who instigated, financed, supported, condoned and rationalized the evil, criminal and dastardly coup d’état that the Egyptian military unleashed on July 3, 2013 to overthrow by force Egypt’s legal and legitimate government headed by Dr. Morsi – the only freely and democratically elected government Egypt has had in all its history.

Egypt’s Pharaoh: A Perfect Bad Guy in History

Long time ago, Egypt’s Pharaoh, a perfect Bad Guy as the Qur’an portrays him, when Moses, Alaihis Salam, challenged him, asked his courtiers in utter bewilderment and disbelief:


A-Layisa Lee Mulku Misra?


“Am I not the master of the land of Egypt?”


Wa Haadhi-hil Anhaaru Tajree Min Tahtee?


“And of all these rivers that run past me and underneath me?”

To Pharaoh it was obvious – that he had all the power in the world. That is why he was the Pharaoh: the most powerful man on earth.

Pharaoh was totally taken aback that Moses, may God bless him, a virtual nobody in comparison, and a member of a slave race to boot, would appear to question that most obvious fact: that Pharaoh was the unquestioned master of everything in Egypt.

No, don’t ask me who they are: these enemies of Islam and Muslims, of God and Humanity, and of Democracy and Human Civilization.

Go do some research and find that out for yourself.

All the Power the Bad Guys Have

I am only interested right now in the power, all sorts of power, they have, these enemies of Islam, God and humanity, which they undoubtedly have in the most massive amounts.

For example, they have unquestioned military power. They have millions upon millions of men and women trained to perfection in the most deadly forms of warfare, and armed to the teeth.

And they possess in their hands enormous arsenals of mass annihilation of all forms of life on earth.

And they have layers upon layers of limitless and most sophisticated political power.

And they have access to unimaginable economic and financial power. Their coffers and Ali Baba’s Caves are brimming with wealth, much of it stolen from the hapless Muslims themselves.

And they have, these enemies of Islam and Muslims and of God and Humanity, a near-monopoly on what you may call communication power: radio, television, newspapers, magazines, the Internet and such.

And they are unquestioned champions of all the arts and sciences of mind manipulation, brainwashing, mass hypnosis and disinformation such as journalism, propaganda, public relations and advertising.

Their Modus Operandi Is Lying and Cheating

The important thing everyone should know is that their main method is lies – and fraud and deception. Lying and cheating are their distinguishing characteristics.

That is their Modus Operandi, if you will. That is how they operate.

They lie and cheat and deceive.

According to the Qur’an, their approach – their Modus Operandi – is crystallized in mixing truth with falsehood and thus hiding and distorting the truth. That is almost a direct translation of the Qur’an.

Their guiding philosophy is rank Opportunism.

And their motto: Ends Justify the Means.

Descendants of Machiavelli and Goebbels

Bad Guys are the intellectual and psychological descendants of Machiavelli and Goebbels.

Their mentor and spiritual leader is Machiavelli.

And those from whom they acquired their Communication Tools and Techniques include Hitler’s Propaganda Chief: Goebbels.

False Flag, Psyop and other terror techniques are their standards operating procedures.

False Flag actions means doing some truly terrible things such as blowing up a building or an airplane, killing a large number of people, and then blaming it on someone totally innocent.

Psyop refers to psychological warfare activities meant to deceive, confuse, mislead and scare others. Their goal is to destroy people’s morale and create despair and despondency in them.

Terror Techniques they use include indiscriminate and limitless killing, violence, mayhem and destruction they perpetrate against all those they suspect of being opposed to them.

Bad Guys Have No Scruples of Any Kind

These people have neither scruples nor conscience of any kind: these enemies of Islam and Muslims and God and Humanity – and of human civilization in any form or fashion.

And as the Qur’an says, they respect neither any covenants they enter into, nor do they honor or fulfill any contracts they sign.

Says the Qur’an:

Laa Ayimaana Lahum!


“Their word and their public commitments have no meaning.”


 Laa Yarquboona Fee Mu’minin Illan wa Laa Dhimmah.


“When it comes to Believers, nothing they say or do can be trusted.”


Badatil Baghdwaa-u Min Afwaahihim, Wa Maa Tukhfee Swudooruhum Akbar.


“If what comes out of their mouths against Islam, Muslims and the Believers sounds hateful enough, the malice they conceal in their hearts is much worse.”

God Is on the Side of the Good Guys

Muslims, on the other hand, the Good Guys if you want to call them that, have Allah on their side.

But here is a catch: For Allah to be completely on their side, the hearts, minds and motivations of Muslims must be pure and their actions must conform as closely as possible to required Islamic standards.

Should that happen, should Muslims succeed in making their intentions pure, and their actions acceptable from an Islamic point of view, Muslims will still be able to defeat their enemies against all odds, right here in this world.

That is because God Almighty himself will be fighting on their side.

Or they will perish trying, in which case they will be given a place of honor by their creator in paradise as martyrs, even if all they do is breathe their last peacefully in their own beds.


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