Battle between Faith and Skepticism

Dec 22, 2011

 Battle between Faith and Skepticism

Dr. Pasha

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The battle of wits between the advocates of Faith and Skepticism never advanced much beyond the argument that Hazrat Ali, Radiyallahu Anhu, put forward 1400 years ago.

Hazrat Ali wrote a little couplet in which he said this – he was a great poet and literary figure by the way, among so many other things:

“The physicist and the physician both claimed,

There was no resurrection and no day of judgment.

To this I said: Fine, have it your way!

If, I then pointed out,

Things after death turn out the way you say,

I will not be in any trouble at all;  

But if, on the other hand,

Should things turn out the way I say,

Imagine what your fate will be.”

This debate between Belief and Disbelief is a matter of considerable personal interest to me and I have followed it keenly over several decades in person and over centuries in books.

And let me say two things:

a) First of all, Hazrat Ali’s argument is as calm, cool and rational as it can be.

b) Second, I have not seen either the physicist or the physician, as Hazrat Ali, Radiyallahu Anhu, calls them, or anyone else, come up with a satisfactory counter to this most eloquent argument by Hazrat Ali.

So far as I can judge, the ball is still in the court of the Skeptics.

As for that Haiku-type little poem by Hazrat Ali, Radiyallahu Anhu, here it is in original Arabic:

Za’amal munajjimu wat-tabeebu kilaahumaa;

Allaa ma’aada, fa-qultu dhaaka ilaikumaa.

In sahha qawulukumaa, fa-lastu bi-khwaasirin;

Awu sahha qawulee, fal-wabaalu alaikumaa!


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