Be That Special Person [Quote – 520]

Mar 13, 2014

Many people respond initially to Allah’s call to work for him. But, often, few stay to finish the work.

There are many reasons why this happens. Regardless, here is a simple message to all those Working for Allah

“Beware of the Devil! You are on his radar!”

The Devil — Shaitan — has many weapons in his arsenal with which to attack and neutralize those Working for Allah. Not the least, telling those Working for Allah how they are wasting their time and talent doing “this kind of work.” 

And quietly whispering to them that talented, important people like them could do so many other things besides or along with Working for Allah

Many people fall a prey to these whisperings and before they realize it they are lost, often irredeemably. Sooner or later people like that fall by the wayside and end up being debris on the sands of time.

That is partly why my advice to all those Working for Allah was this: 

“No matter what, when or where, always try and be that one last person still left standing when all others have fallen by the wayside. 

That means even if you are the only person left in the world to continue the work, then keep on Working for Allah till the last breath of your life. And make sure you do so adhering to the method of your Jama’at and the guidance provided by your leadership. For, ultimately, your pact — your Bai’at — is with Allah and not just with other human beings like yourself.

Don’t forget what Allah said in the Qur’an that when you made your Bai’at — your pact with your leadership — Allah’s hand was above your hands.

How much more serious do you think this can get?”

I hope I will be blessed by Allah to remember my own words should such a time ever come in my own life. And there have been any number of occasions in my life when, rightly or wrongly, I could not help wondering if this time was that time.


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