Beginning Islam, Preaching Islam [Quote – 571]

Sep 1, 2014

Blessed are those who go to street corners and university and school campuses, and public and market places, and preach Islam to people and distribute Islamic literature.

For, they are doing God’s Work on earth.

They are Working for Allah.

They must rejoice in the knowledge that, no matter how strange this may sound, this is the beginning of Islam. In their life; and where they are.

Yet another one.

This is yet another beginning of the endless chain of the Message to Humanity from God Almighty.

The only test — did I say “only” test? — of these wonderful individuals and groups, male and female, will be how long they keep this up: Going out and hustling on the streets for Allah and preaching Islam.

And, also, how pure and true their motives and intentions are — and will be.

And, oh yes, also of course, how sweet and wonderful their demeanor is going to be and how absolutely charming and alluring their approach will be throughout. 

Allah says:

Wa Yadra-oona Bil-Hasanatis Sayyi-ah.

“They cope with Evil using Good.”

“They return Evil with Good.”

“They reward Evil with Good.”

I don’t to this day understand what that means — or how it works. But since Allah says it, I know it must be right. 

So, these people, hustling in the streets — universities, schools, markets and all kinds of other places — have their work cut out for them:

” When people are bad to them, they must be good to people.”

That alone is an experience worth having in life.

Everyone: Come on; take a chance; go out on the streets and try your hand at preaching Islam to people; you may even come to like it.

And who knows what kind of reward God Almighty may have in store for you, right here in this world, as well as in the next world.


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