Being Busy with "Worldly Concerns" 
Finding Time to Do "Allah's Work" [Quote - 783]

Jan 6, 2017

When people get so caught up in their "Worldly Concerns" -- chasing their worldly tails as it were -- that they cannot find time, or energy, or resources to do their bit in "Allah's Work," maybe, it just might happen, that Allah Almighty might look at them and say: 

All right, People, that is what you want to do? 
Great! Happy hunting, Folks! 

Don't worry, we will give you more of the same. 

And we will keep you busy chasing your tail --
in every dark and dingy alley of this worldly life.

This just might happen. 

And one worldly sign of this happening might be that the more you are able to tackle and solve your "worldly" problems and issues, the more of them seem to pop up in all kinds of places and from all kinds of directions that you least suspect.

Maybe a careful review of Hadith literature will help throw light on what I am talking about here.

And I certainly do not know the difference between "Allah's Work" and "Worldly Concerns." So, don't ask me what it is.

Whereas, on the other side of this fence, when you are busy doing "Allah's Work," let us say, for example helping, and caring for, and taking care of Allah's People politically, economically, morally, financially, socially, intellectually, educationally and otherwise, then, Allah Almighty, and I believe this is a Hadith, assumes responsibility for making sure your "Worldly Concerns" get taken care of.

If I recall that Hadith Sharif right, it goes something like this:

Kaanallahu Fee 'Awunil 'Abdi 
Maa Kaanallahu Fee 'Awuni Akheehi.


"All the time that you are engaged in helping out "Your Brother," 
Allah is engaged in helping you out."

And the thought that occurs to me is this:

With Allah Almighty himself in charge of your affairs -- 
your "Worldly Concerns," as it were -- 
how can anything possibly go wrong with your life?


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