Beware the Law of Coincidences

Sep 15, 2012

{Editor’s Note: No sooner was this post written, than, out of nowhere, purely by coincidence of course, violent protests targeting American and other Western embassies broke out throughout the Muslim World.}

Coincidences Come in Handy

All kinds of interesting things are happening around the world. It is time for Dr. Pasha’s Law of Coincidences to kick in. So, all you good people out there, beware of the Law of Coincidences.

Following the Democratic National Committee Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, President Obama began a creeping but noticeable surge in the polls. What external events can happen, both inside and outside America, by pure coincidence of course, that may arrest Mr. Obama’s upward movement in the polls and quite possibly give his opponent Mr. Romney, the Republican candidate, an edge?

Good question. Look to Dr. Pasha’s Law of Coincidences for answers.

Get Obama Out, Put Romney In

Some people will argue that the re-election of Mr. Obama may – just may, one never knows – lead to a more peaceful world, at least in some relatively comparative way. A Romney presidency, on the other hand, is likely to lead to even more bloodshed than before, including quite possibly a so-called war with Iran.

So, how do we get President Obama out of the White House and get Mr. Romney in?

We need something big happening somewhere that will shake up everything and make the American people swing in the direction of more revenge and more belligerence around the world – all over again.

Needed: A False Flag Operation

We need what the professionals would call a False Flag Operation blaming the Muslims for something they may not have done and – listen to this very carefully – something they may not even be capable of doing in the first place.

A False Flag Operation is one in which the intelligence and spy agencies belonging to certain countries in the world plan and execute a terrible event, a most heinous mass crime of some kind, with all kinds of disastrous consequences on a wide scale, and then blame it on someone else – Muslims for example.

It is generally someone – a country, a group, an organization, a political party or whatever – they don’t like; someone they like to punish; someone they like to see suffer.

So, these spy agencies then blame those people for something they did not do, and most likely did not even know anything about.

They Do These Terrible Things and Blame Others for Them

So, they do this terrible thing and make it look as if that other country or party or group or organization or individual did it. It is like what the law enforcement agencies do in some places sometimes by way of planting incriminating evidence on some suspects so they can catch and charge them.

It is like a warship blowing up your harbor or your ships. And that warship is flying a flag, except that it is a False Flag. The ship does not really belong to the country whose flag it is flying. The ship belongs to some other country, but it is using that flag – a False Flag – to mislead the world.

Then the whole world gets mad at the country whose flag it was, without seriously considering the possibility that it was a False Flag. The fact is, as I said earlier, the country whose flag it was is totally blameless, and in many instances not even aware of what is going on.

This is a routine thing that spy agencies belonging to various countries do around the world. Except that the poor masses, ordinary people everywhere, are not aware of this fact. They don’t know what a False Flag operation is and they don’t understand how it is done.

Egypt Ends 100 Years of Tyranny

Elsewhere in the world, a virtual love-fest has broken out between the Islamic Government of Egypt and the rest of the world, including the Western World, and not the least with the United States right up there, close to the top of the list.

From China to America, and from Italy to the United Kingdom, everyone everywhere is scrambling to Egypt to make deals.

Most people would argue that credit for these incredible set of events is in no small measure due to the most capable and amazing Islamic leadership of the newly elected Egyptian president Dr. Morsi and his colleagues from the Ikhwan and other Islamic elements in Egypt.

How can this budding relationship, so wonderful to everyone in the world, be suddenly soured and nearly 100 million people of Egypt returned to the doghouse of history, where they had been languishing for the past 100 years of unmitigated military tyranny and brutality, thanks in no small measure to the tender mercies of the free and democratic countries of the West, especially the United States?

And how can the yearly $2 billion dollars that America used to give to Egyptian Military be now taken away, now that a civilian Islamic government is in power in Egypt?

Look to Dr. Pasha’s Law of Coincidences for answers.

Dastardly Crime of 9-11

It was on a deadly day on September 11, 2001 that the dastardly crime of blowing up those two most beautiful towers in that most beautiful city called New York and in that most beautiful part of the City called Manhattan was committed by people no one knew who they were or why they did it.

But that crime had the purely coincidental effect of turning the life of Muslims around the world completely upside down.

What a coincidence! And how full of the most terrible and disastrous consequences it was for Muslims throughout the world!

Remarkably, it was a time when America was warming to Islam and Muslims in all kinds of measurable manner. Indications met the eye everywhere.

For a moment, it actually looked like Islam was on the ascendant in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

And then the 9-11 events happened, and ever since, the downward spiral never stopped spinning, either for Muslims in America and around the world or for Americans in general. Or even for the world at large.

Destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan – and Counting

Two invasions by multinational forces headed by America using overwhelming super-human force virtually destroyed two Muslim nations, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iraq was the most developed country in the Middle East at that time. Afghanistan was, as always, a jumble of mud-huts, bare feet and fierce men in tattered clothes.

A third Muslim nation, Pakistan, with so-called nuclear weapons in her possession, was made subject to an ongoing barrage of deadly drone attacks on its soil and its people on almost a daily basis with an ever widening arc of collateral damage civilian casualties. And there is not a darn thing it can do.

Yemen is in shambles and Bahrain bleeds. Syria is burning. Libya is only now putting out some of its fires.

Muslim Blood Everywhere

Muslim blood flows unchecked in every part of the world.

Whoever committed the crime of 9-11 surely accomplished one overwhelming result: It reduced the entire Islamic nation of 1.5 billion Muslims around the world to a hunted, hounded creature on the run.

And give Islam a bad name everywhere.

Dr. Pasha’s Law of Coincidences never had a better day.


 © 2012 Syed Husain Pasha

Dr. Pasha is an educator and scholar of exceptional 
talent, training and experience. He can be reached at DrSyedPasha [at] 
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