Blessing the World Nonstop Is What Islam Is All About [Quote - 892]

Jan 17, 2018

Today’s definition of Islam, if you have not heard it from me before, and even if you have, is this: 

Blessing the World – the whole world – without regard to race or religion, and without regard to gender, class or nationality.

How sad it is for me to tell you at this stage in the history of the world that that is precisely what Muslims all over the world actually do – Twenty-Four-SevenBless the World!

And when I say "Muslims," I mean every single Muslim individual everywhere.

And, I suspect, that is not something anyone else in the world does. That means no non-Muslim of any kind or category or description is so completely engaged in blessing the world of Allah so profusely and so comprehensively.

This is not to attack or insult non-Muslims in any way, but only to point out a most important difference about how Muslims and non-Muslims live their life on this earth: Muslims bless everybody and everything everywhere; non-Muslims do what they do. Why not ask them what exactly it is that they do.

Just ask the non-Muslims how many times a day they say Assalamu Alaikum to all sundry!


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