Breaking the E-Mail Bond

Mar 26, 2017


Breaking the E-Mail Bond

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)

I used technology, including e-mails, to invite the world to Allah. And specifically to train Muslims into Islam.

Muslims are Muslims and they are hurtling to Paradise. That, however, is after they die.

But while they are alive, right here in this world, they will continue to make the kind of mess they always have. 

That, in a nutshell as they say, is Muslims for you.

But real good Muslims, the real ones if you want me to be blunt, they will continue to learn Islam, teach Islam, practice Islam and work to invite the whole world to Islam, whether they are a nation of one or many. 

They will either succeed in taking the Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it in this world, and which one does not, or they will lay down their lives in making it happen. 

But what they will not do is change the deal, alter the game, turn their back on their commitment to Allah and his work.

As the Qur’an says: 

Wa Maa Baddaloo Tabdeelaa!

As Allah pleases and decrees, such people will be set upon by the Devil and his minions and acolytes and killed.

But Allah’s work will go on. For, it must. It is Allah’s Law that it must go on.

Wa Lahud Deenu Waasibaa!

When working for Allah stops, the world stops.

So, I used whatever legal, legitimate, lawful and peaceful means I could to reach the world and Muslims and invite them to a better way of life in the shadow of Allah’s book, the Qur’an.

But I may no longer be such a frequent visitor to the e-mail world as I until recently used to be. I will mind other businesses, to the extent I can, if at all I can, and others will have to mind this business of Islam. I did what I consider to be my best to teach them and to tell them. 

Now, it is they and their God. 

Nor do I hate or distrust or fear technology. I love it; admire it; even teach it. What I don’t do is fritter away my life on foolish encounters on Facebook and everything else. 

I was a strong advocate of Twitter before, maybe, Donald Trump discovered it. I used to have huge fights with my students on this subject. 

While my students used to support other portals they fancied, I clearly saw the power and the potential that Twitter packed for producing the kind of impact that was needed to change the world.

And Islam is all about changing the world, not about having feasts in this world and waiting to die as a Pious Person — with a long record of Righteous Deeds — so you can continue the feasts in Paradise.

I predicted Twitter will beat out Instagram when it came to changing the world. And now look at the wonders Trump has accomplished using Twitter — regardless of his politics; and yours.

If you care, ask me how he did it, and I will tell you. I have been showing it to my students step by step even as all this was unfolding right before everybody’s eyes. 

Except of course the so-called Mainstream Media and the usual crop of Establishment Politicians whose eyes had been blinded by their own arrogance; corruption; and stupidity.

Qur’an calls that kind of arrogance: Istikbar!

And that kind of cattle-level stupidity: Ulaa-ika Kal An-aam!

And that manner of corruption: Fasaad!

When no one in the world had a course like that, I initiated, proposed, developed and taught a groundbreaking university course on modern technology called: Social Media in Public Relations and Advertising.

I did that a couple of years ago.

And only a couple of months ago, I again proposed, initiated, developed and taught another cutting-edge university-level technology course that no one was doing anywhere else on this planet. I called that course: Communication in a Digital World.

So, I am neither ignorant of technology nor fearful of it. Nor do I resent technology. 

Technology to me is an extension of Allah’s command to read: Iqra’!

And the origin of technology also to me is the Qur’an Karim— just like the origin of everything else.


As in:

Alladhee Allama Bil-Qalam.

It is all a question of what technology you use and for what purpose. You use it for the right reason, and the right way, it is Ibaadat. Otherwise it is Kufr and Shirk and Zulm and Fasaad and Laghv!

As in:

Wa Idhaa Marroo Billaghvi Marroo Kiraamaa!

While I stayed engaged on e-mail, which is until now, I answered every e-mail, read every single one and reacted to it — and in as timely a manner as I possibly could. 

I did it for social purposes of counseling, advising, encouraging and morale-boosting. 

I did it to teach people the Qur’an and Islam. And just a little bit to open their eyes to the world around them. A world in which, unsuspected by many of them, they do happen to live and of which they are an inseparable part, even though so many of them act and carry on as if they are not.

I used e-mails to build this Qur’an business into a movement that it is, and that it should be, and that it always was and will be. 

And I did it to mold what one, two or three Muslims I could find into a team.

Now, it is time to wean. Those one, two or three people I sought to invite, train, motivate and mold must consider themselves grownups. They must now navigate under their own steam. Or fly using their own wings as it were.

They must make their own decisions — and pay the price of the decisions they make. For, all human decisions have consequences. The good ones as well as the bad. Including the “Non-Ones.” 

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