Call on Your Hajis and Ask Them to Make Du’a [Quote – 1010]

I call on all Muslims to call the Hajis in their communities and neighborhoods, and check on the them, and ask them to make Du’a.

It is my belief that a visit to Allah’s house does not occur without an invitation from Allah. So, those who are blessed to make Hajj, and many of them live in our midst, have been Allah’s guests at his house. 

They are Allah’s special invitees to his Mansion at Makkah.

So, in this hour of global distress, maybe the Muslims would be well advised to turn to their Hajis or Hujjaaj in their communities, and ask them to intercede in their behalf with Allah, so Allah will have mercy on his Khalq (creation) and remove this Coronavirus plague — and all other plagues and pestilences — from them.

I know a man in Trinidad in the Caribbean who made Hajj, not once or twice, but all of 25 years, if I remember right, consecutively. And he not only did Hajj by himself, he actually, for all those 25 years, led groups of other Muslims to make Hajj with him.

And this in a place that quite likely has more Hajis per capita than any other place on earth.

What is the metric? How do you calculate the rewards and blessings for things like this? 

So, I would call and check on him. And on other Hajis in the community. 

And I would ask them all for a special Du’a to ward off the menace of this dangerous virus from us and from the rest of the world. 

A virus so virulent that it is projected to wipe out an incalculable number of people around the globe. 

And a virus so vicious that humanity, with all its vaulted advances in science and medicine, has, as of now, neither a vaccine to stop it nor a cure to heal it and make it go away.