Challenges Facing Pasha Hour International

Challenges Facing Pasha Hour International

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)

It will be naive — even foolish — to think, there are not those in this world who wish Pasha Hour International off the air. 

A program like Pasha Hour International, which is unapologetically about Islam, Muslims and the World, may run counter to many sensitivities and interests; and it may court the risk of treading on any number of toes and offending any number and kind of individuals and groups.

So, how do those individuals and groups then react? What do they do?

They do what un-Islam has always done; that is to say what the Forces of Evil have always done: from the days of the Pharaoh, and before, to our own days. 

At first, in an effort to push a program like Pasha Hour International off the air, they harass, bother, inconvenience and hassle the program in any and all ways they can. And, if these Soft Methods do not succeed, they then use the Hard Methods of Propaganda and Power to disrupt and stop the program if they can. 

And for the attainment of their evil purposes, they use Raw Power — political, financial, personal, government, military and all other types of Power — and False, Selective and One-Sided Propaganda

Those are the twin engines that drive the War against Islam, Muslims and the World

Any war against Islam and Muslims is most likely to be a War against the World.

For, any so-called war against Islam and Muslims is most likely to be an Unjust War

An Unholy War is what it is, if you want to call it that.

And therefore it is likely to be a War against the Whole World and to that extent a War against God Almighty himself. 

An Unjust War, as opposed to a Just War, as the Christian thinkers and political philosophers used to call it at one time, is a Bad War. It is a Wrong War

It is a most terrible War of Aggression.

In more modern language and culture, it is a war that is a War Crime by its very definition, and from its very inception, 

Bad People always have, and they always will. I mean they always have used and they will always use the twin powers of False Propaganda and Brute Force to fight Islam and Muslims.

As for “Propaganda,” it is always selective; it is always one-sided; it is always deliberately and willfully incomplete and misleading in its gathering, analysis, presentation and packaging of information; and it is always based on concealment of facts as much as it is on their disclosure and revelation.

As a result, that which qualifies as “Propaganda,” is almost always false; almost always unreliable; almost always mischievous and malicious; and almost always designed to serve and promote the interests of the Propagandist.

And that too: By Any Means Necessary.

And it is always to the detriment of everyone else: The Entire World, as it were.

That is why a Propaganda-driven War against Islam and Muslims is by its very nature also a War against the Whole World.

And this False Propaganda, and this ruthless use of all kinds of Power, take an infinite variety and range of forms and shapes and duration and intensity. 

Propagandists are experts at them, while their Victims are mostly clueless, helpless and defenseless.

While Islam is directly from God, and as a result, Islam is perfectly capable of taking care of itself, as it always has, poor Muslims, being the kind of naive, foolish and ill-educated creatures that they are, are pretty much on their own.

And they are mostly at the mercy of Little Boys — and also some Little Girls these days — who run around pretending to be Sheeks, Mevlanas, Imams and such.

Read the Qur’an and you will know.

Read Hadith Sharif and you will know.

Or, read history and you will know.

Or, pick up any newspaper and read it, that is, if there are still any newspapers around, and you will know.

God Help the Muslims!