Challenges in the Life of a Muslim [Quote – 869]

Nov 3, 2017

Life of a Muslim is often filled with challenges of all kinds. 

Sunnatullah — Allah’s way of doing things — is most amazing.

The better a Muslim is, and the closer he or she is to Allah, the more full of challenges his or her life becomes.

Life becomes a never-ending test.

Iman is tested. 

Vigilance and Resourcefulness are tested. 

Leadership skills and abilities are tested.

Sabr and Tawakkul are tested. 

Ridaa — Are you happy and pleased with what Allah is doing in your life, or do you have a problem with that? — is tested.

And then, just when you think, you are finished and you have nowhere to turn, Allah’s Aayat rings true. And help is at the door.

Ataahum Nasrunaa!

“Our help came to them.”

I look at the life of Anbiyaa Allah — Prophets and Messengers of God — Alaihim Assalam, and I wonder: 

When did they ever have a moment free from challenges?

When was life all rosy and comfortable for them?

When was life all smooth sailing for them, as they say?

So, loving Allah and his Deen comes with its own perils — and challenges.

Fa-Toobaa Lil Ghurabaa!

Good wishes to those who stick with it.


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