[Chapter 13] An Earlier Commitment

Dec 21, 2010

Chapter 13
Still Working for Allah in the West: Theory and Methodology

An Earlier Commitment

This earlier commitment to Allah that we all made – all human beings made when we said to him Bala: “Yes indeed!” – is a real one. The Qur’an paints that scene for us in simple and clear terms. This was a clear and categorical commitment to work for Allah. It was our signing on the dotted line.

But unfortunately some among us who made that commitment failed to live up to it. Some could not fully understand the nature of the commitment they made. They failed to read the large and bold print splashed all over. As a result, they thought they could work for Allah on a part-time basis, based on their own convenience, while they continued to work for all sorts of other masters – Ilahs – beside Allah.

Some others simply failed to connect with the reality of their earlier spiritual commitment or with the true challenge of that commitment in the present-day world. They decided to turn away completely from their true master and follow whatever other paths appeared attractive to them.

As a result, when you refuse to work for Allah, regardless of whether you are a Muslim or non-Muslim, you are crashing headlong into everything in this world, including your own body. The whole world is going one way and you are rushing headlong in the opposite direction. You are out of touch with reality. You are out of synch with time. As if it isn’t bad enough that the British drive on the wrong side of the road, you are driving against the flow of traffic. You are in the wrong lane, headed in the wrong direction.

This puts you directly on a collision course against a massive meteor shower that sweeps, buries and pulverizes everything in its path. Your life then becomes one long saga of accidents and disasters, mishaps and happenstances, because you are out of tune with the glorious song of the universe that reverberates with the praise and glory of Almighty Allah, the true and only master. It is our ignorance and limitation that we are unable to understand this primordial song of the heavens and earth, and all their denizens, glorifying their master.

Tusabbihu Lahus Samawatus Sab’u wal Ardu wa Man Fihinna. Wa Immin Shai-in Illa Yusabbihu Bihamdihi, wa Laakil La Tafqahuna Tasbihahum Qur’an (17:44)

It is truly sad – the condition of human beings. Ya Hasratan ‘Alal ‘Ibad! Qur’an (36:30)

Consider the march of time! Read Surah Al ‘Asr. Qur’an (103:1-3)

Look at the unfolding of human history – if there is such a thing – and you will see how pathetic, sad and grim the state of the world and the nature of human life on earth is. Different degrees and levels of loss and pain and suffering and deprivation!

There, however, is one group of people who are exempt from this general sweep of loss, disaster and pain. They are the ones who truly believe and do all sorts of wonderful things in this world, and work to advance the cause of truth on earth, and support one another in the face of the adversities and problems that a misguided world mounts on them for speaking and standing up for truth.

They are the true redeemers of this world and of those who populate it.

Still Working for Allah in the West: Theory and Methodology

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